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Looking to mix some fun in with your fitness?

We’d love for you to join the Different Strokes Swim Team (DSST) family! We believe DSST offers all you could want in a swim team (regular practices, coached workouts, the opportunity to compete) plus more. We are also a space to make lifelong friends and support those in the LGBTQ+ community. We participate in local events like San Diego Pride, as well as international events like the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Championships.    

We have swimmers of all levels and we encourage anyone interested to join us in the pool! If you are not quite sure what to expect, we invite you to come by and watch one of our practices. You are welcome to speak with one of our coaches and visit with other DSST members.

Our membership coordinator is happy to answer any of your questions and can be reached at

Member Requirements
New Swimmers
Drop-In Workouts
Wednesday Practice Registration
DSST Etiquette
  • You have the desire to be part of a fun, dynamic, social swim team

  • You are at least 18 years of age

  • You can swim one length of the pool (25 yards or meters; don't worry about speed, distance or technique)

  • DSST membership: $60 per month or $150 per quarter
  • US Master Swimming (USMS) Membership: $70 per year (as of 2023)
  1. New swimmers have the option of a one-month free trial before they are required to join USMS and DSST as a paying member. If you are new to USMS and want to sign up for a one-month trial, Join USMS Here.
  2. When signing up with USMS, select Different Strokes Swim Team (DSST), under Southern Pacific Masters, as your team.
  3. Complete the DSST Registration Form, after which you will receive a welcome email.
  4. Complete your profile on the DSST website.
  5. Check the calendar and join us for a practice! Text the membership coordinator before attending. 

What to bring:

  • Swim Suit
  • Towel
  • Goggles
  • Water Bottle

DSST will provide kickboards and pull buoys for use during practices.

*If you are a full-time student, you may be eligible for a discounted rate. Contact for information. 

Are you a non-member interested in swimming with DSST? If so, and you are a current USMS member, you can pay a $15 fee per workout to attend any of our regular practices. Email to sign-up.

Your monthly dues help keep the team afloat! They pay for pool rental, a coach on deck each practice, club registration to USMS, etc. Your dues also cover your entry fee at the pool each time you attend practice. Payable quarterly or monthly, dues are nonrefundable, as the coach and pool must be ready for practice regardless of whether or not you can make every practice. Should you need to postpone or cancel your membership, please send an email to  

USMS membership is required. USMS insures our swim club. Benefits of membership are a subscription to SWIMMER magazine, eligibility to enter USMS swim meets, discounts from USMS partners and exclusive content on the USMS site.

All member are required to register online for Wednesday practices prior to arrival.
The number of registrations/signups will be capped at 35 swimmers, due to safety concerns and requirements that have been raised by Kroc's athletics director.
How do I register?
  1. Registration each week will open at 7pm Sunday (72 hours before the event)
  2. Log into your account
  3. Click on the "Calendar" tab, or scroll down to the "Upcoming Practices" section on the home page
  4. Click on the event you'd like to register for ("Wednesday Practice @ Kroc")
  5. Click "Register Now"
  6. Select "Sign up yourself" and click "Next"
  7. Click "Complete Registration"

Registration will open for pay-per-swim and drop-in swimmers on the day of the event, assuming open spots are still available. Pay-per-swim and drop-in swimmers will be prompted to pay their fee when registering.
What happens if I don't register?
Only swimmers who have registered prior to practice will be permitted to swim.
What happens if I register but can't make it?
Cancellations will be permitted until 5pm Wednesday. After that, you will be considered a no-show.
If you no-show repeatedly (more than once), you will not be permitted to register for Wednesday practices for 1 month. We want to make sure that as many of your teammates as possible get the opportunity to swim!
So can I sign up every single Wednesday?
Absolutely. If there's an open space, you can register for it.
We do ask that if you have already attended several Wednesdays in a row, and if you are able to attend several other practices per week, that you consider letting others register before claiming a space. We know that for some of our teammates, Wednesdays are the best (or only) day that fits their schedule.
What about other practices, like Fridays?
Only Wednesday practices require registration at this time. Other practices remain unchanged and you are can simply show up without registering in advance.
Will it be like this forever?
We will only require registration for practices when necessary. If attendance numbers fall, and we are regularly below capacity, then we would drop this requirement.
What happened?
Wednesdays have gotten too popular (i.e. crowded), even after adding 2 more lanes this year - to the point that Kroc has flagged this as a safety violation.

In the Pool - Pool Etiquette

Choosing a Lane
  • You should be swimming in a lane with others who train at your same pace.
  • You are not locked into a particular lane. Check the coach's workout and chat with your lane mates to decide your pace or lane for the day.
  • If you need frequent breaks while others swim, switch to a slower pace in another lane.
  • If you need to stop in the middle of a set, let your lane mates know so they don't miss their send-off interval.
  • If you find yourself waiting for others in your lane to finish, try a faster pace in another lane. It's okay to encourage and challenge your lane mates, but don't criticize them. Keep this a supportive environment.
  • Before doing something different from the written workout, discuss it with your lane mates and reach an agreement.
  • If you are unsure about your pace, chat with coaches or the captain! They are happy to help.
Circle Swimming
  • We swim in a counterclockwise circle -- keep to the right.
  • Wait at least five seconds after the person in front of you pushes off the wall, before following them.
  • If you're late to practice and warming up, don't disrupt your lane mates who are already swimming another set.
  • During warmup, avoid pushing off the wall when another swimmer is approaching, as they might be doing a flip turn. This applies to warmups at swim meets too!
  • When turning, move to the left as you approach into the wall to push off on the right side of the lane, preventing collisions with the swimmer behind you.
Lane Order
  • Position yourself in the lane based on your expected swimming speed and communicate with your lane mates. Avoid catching up to or touching the feet of the swimmer in front of you.
  • During short-distance intervals, if you are faster than the swimmer in front, wait until you're both back at the wall to ask to pass.
  • For long-distance intervals, you can tap a swimmer's foot to indicate you want to pass. Wait for them to stop at the wall before passing; do not try to squeeze past them.
  • When letting someone pass, allow any other close-following swimmers to pass too, maintaining a 5-second gap between swimmers. 
  • All lane mates should communicate and adjust the lane order as necessary when choosing strokes.
  • Communicate clearly when you are the lane leader. Tell everyone in the lane when you'll start the next set, with a reasonable advance notice (e.g. "on the next 30"). 
Crowding the Wall
  • When you touch the wall, quickly move to the left corner so the swimmer behind you can complete their workout and rest on the wall. ("left" as you face the wall)
  • If you take a break on the wall while others are still swimming, leave space for them to flip-turn or finish. If the lane is too crowded, please rest on the pool deck instead. 
  • Signal to your lane mates whether you're resting or getting ready to go. Use the far right corner if resting, and the far left corner if preparing to push off. ("right" and "left" as you face the wall)
Remember, we all have different swimming backgrounds and goals. Some may be here primarily for fitness, competition, community, or every possible combination. 
Please follow the guidelines above so we can ensure that everyone feels welcome and that anyone looking for a good, tough workout will walk away tired and satisfied.

Out of the Pool - Respect

This team is a family. Like any real family, we may not always get along. You are not expected to be friends with everyone on the team. You do not have to like everybody—and not everybody has to like you—but you are expected to treat everyone with basic courtesy, decency, kindness, and respect. 
There are other Masters swim teams in San Diego. There is only one team organized around LGBTQIA+ swimmers and allies. We are all part of DSST to create and sustain this unique community for inclusion, diversity, and athletics. More than any other, our team should be where people feel included. If not here—where?
This project only works when everyone is treated with respect. Please do your part.

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